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(AI Generated) Summary

I graduated with a computer science degree from UT Austin and worked at Lockheed’s AI center, then NASA’s AI lab, before becoming disillusioned with the lack of true AI progress. I founded Paradise2012 to explore digital art and visuals for electronic music events under the stage name Dr. Paradise. After returning to the corporate world in special effects at Accom and Silicon Graphics, I coded a revolutionary live interactive performance system for my artwork while consulting in IT. In 2015 I started my own IT company called VoxLux. I went mobile in 2019, working remotely. With AI and VR now resurgent after decades, I aim to integrate my artistic/spiritual passions with these technologies after expanding my business interests.

The Scenic Route

Graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Computer Science, I landed a research programming position at the Lockheed  Artificial Intelligence Center in Austin.  From there I transferred to the main Lockheed AI Center site in California, circa 1988.

That was the springboard to reach my first career goal of working at the NASA Ames Research Center’s AI Lab.  It was amazing working there but I discovered that even at NASA no one was working on real AI, it was just what I would call sophisticated programming.  

Disillusioned, I quit to begin exploring the artistic and spiritual potential of digital media and in the early ’90s, founded Paradise2012 (alluding to the Mayan 2012 prophesy).  This was an ad hoc production company under which I performed using the stage name Dr. Paradise, and helped pioneer a new style of live projection visuals shown at electronic music events.  It was amazing but I learned some hard lessons about making a living as a spiritual artist, so…

After a few years I returned to the corporate world, but in the special effects industry to enhance the capabilities of my digital art passion.  I worked at Accom (Abekas Video Systems), one of the pioneers of digital video effects.  It was an absolutely amazing hardware system, and I built a secret video animation system to control it more artistically, and used it to create the next level of my artwork.  When a new product manager took over I showed him the system and he decided to make in official.  I named it “OrbitalFX” and soon after it was awarded the Post Award.  

Later I fulfilled my second career goal at Silicon Graphics (SGI) as the sole Digital Media Solutions Engineer.  With the help of some brilliant engineers we built a digital 3D playback system for the VP of Advanced Projects at IMAX, who graciously send this letter of appreciation.  Aspects of this project also led to a patent.  Sadly SGI collapsed and I was laid off in a wave of a couple thousand others…  But while I had the chance, I took a course at SGI to learn 3D graphics programming

I leveraged this new skill and coded up a revolutionary live interactive performance system.  This took my artwork to the next level and I used it performing at events and festivals in California, and sometimes internationally.  This part of the journey was amazing but was still very niche, and was not ready to become my main source of income. So…

Around 2007 I started consulting in the IT / Tech Support field.  This was not as challenging as some prior work, but I met some very interesting and inspirational people, and it left me with time and energy to continue focusing on my art.

In 2015, I achieved my third career goal of starting my own business, VoxLux.  VoxLux a fully incorporated entity for IT Support and AI Solutions and to continue my passion for “transformational live-interactive visuals”… 

In 2019, to kick off a new stage of life, I changed my name, put almost everything I own in storage, bought an SUV and RV and went mobile, serving clients almost exclusively via remote desktop.  Novel perhaps but clients appreciate being able to phone up and get instant support, no driving!

Way back in my NASA days, I was also very interested in Virtual Reality (VR), but both VR and AI simply fizzled and largely vanished.  Now, thirty years later, both of my most favorite technologies have been resurrected!  In the last several years I’ve been diving into social VR, and learned a bit about world building etc, but I’m more excited to focus on the new potentials of AI.  

My next life dreams involve integrating my artistic / spiritual passions with the power of both of these two incredible technologies.  After expanding my less visionary business interests a little, I’ll reveal my plans and ideas in this area!  Stay Tuned!

Here’s an experimental layout to see how both paths evolved over time:

Todd graduated with a degree in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin and began his career at The Lockheed AI Center in Austin


He moved to Silicon Valley and achieved his first career goal of working at NASA Ames Research Center’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.


During this time he began exploring the artistic and spiritual potential of digital media. 


Todd founded Paradise Productions and began performing live projection visuals at PsyTrance events under the stage name Dr. Paradise.  

Then Todd transitioned into the special effects industry at Abekas Video Systems which was later purchased by Scitex and then Accom.


Continuing to do live performances, Todd began interweaving his professional and artistic lives by creation of a revolutionary new animation system he named OrbitalFX, for the flagship video effects system.  This was recognized with the Post Award.

He later fulfilled his second career goal at Silicon Graphics (SGI) as the sole Digital Media Solutions Engineer, earning special commendation from the VP of Advanced Projects at IMAX, and contributing to work that lead to a patent.


Leveraging best-in-class video and graphics hardware, and the knowledge that came with it, Todd began building a unique software system he used to perform live-interactive visual projections.  The system was called The Metaverse until that term became popular, then The Paradise Metaverse…  During this time “Dr. Paradise” performed with many of the founders and biggest names in the chosen musical genre, and was invited to perform internationally.

Around this time the “Dot Com Bubble” burst and SGI crumbled and Todd moved from R&D / Manufacturing closer to end-users, freelancing as an assistant editor and edit suite engineer


Todd continued developing his visual creation system and performing at live events.

With a strong technical background Todd then entered the IT / Tech Support world. 


Still performing…  Many interesting events and experiences…

Todd achieved his third career goal of starting his own business, VoxLux the corporate umbrella for both IT work and his artist passion


Still developing The Metaverse software and performing at events…

Continue IT Support as VoxLux, Todd made some sweeping changes!  He packed the majority of his possessions into storage, bought an RV and SUV and began life as a “Digital Nomad” meaning complete mobility, making a living over the internet…  The SF Bay Area has a lot to offer but the reduction in expenses resulted in paying off both the SUV and RV in half the time allowed by the loans!


This transition included a spiritual side and Todd changed his name to Xavier, a name and identity more aligned with spiritual development.  Covid ended live performances so Xavier moved in to VR, making new friends around the world, even falling in love!   And exploring ways to bring his artwork into VR, all while enjoying a fun new lifestyle in Tahoe National Forest!

While supporting other small business and residential clients, Todd was hired as the part-time IT Director for a medical clinic near Grass Valley.


Software development for The VoxLux Metaverse has wound down while exploring new VR and related technologies…

The AI Revolution reached a level of stability and is now a big part of the new direction for VoxLux. 


On the artistic side, the obvious benefits of AI Generated art, but also video, and soon 3D VR worlds.  Less obvious is the benefit of AI Assisted coding which will enable the rebirth of a new generation of The VoxLux Metaverse.

Work as IT Director for the clinic concluded giving Xavier time to refocus on AI for personal and business use.  Xavier designed and build this website with critical assistance from AI in various forms…

Currently VoxLux is focusing more and more on AI Solutions Engineering, which just means using various forms of AI tech to solve problems that would not be practical to solve in other ways.  There are also many possibilities for AI to benefit individuals.



Most of the images on this website were created with Generative AI.  MANY ideas and plans for deeper integration of AI into The VoxLux Metaverse are in the works.

By now VoxLux will have expanded it’s client-base both in IT and AI Solutions. 

2025 +

By this time VoxLux will have established outlets for a wide range of products with his artwork mapped on it, something he has been exploring already for many years.  Starting with “Festivalwear”, clothing especially suited for festivals and parties.