NASA / Silicon Graphics veteran and 20 ear Trance Visual Pioneer, Dr. Paradise (VoxLux / Paradise2012) unleashes a Full-On Live Set in Ultra High-Definition (UHD 4k) using The Paradise Metaverse, a live, interactive 3D computer graphics software system!

The Metaverse is a custom-built Quantum Artform Generator which creates Artificially Intelligent Visuals for Spontaneous Ascension!

Dr. Paradise is the only visual artist in the world to perform using such a system!


PARADISE Visuals first hit the big screen in 1991 with 7000 of San Francisco‚Äôs early underground electronic dance music pioneers at the legendary Psychedelic Apocalypse.  After a few years with the original Wicked crew PARADISE joined forces with DJ Goa Gil. Together they brought the first all night party to Burning Man in 1992, hosted and toasted the notorious Zippy crew in 1994, turned on several thousand in Portugal in 2000, and had the honor of bringing Albert Hoffman on stage in Switzerland in 2001.

In 1995, PARADISE was rebranded as Paradise2012 and worked with Astral Projection, TIP, Doof, Juno Reactor, Green Nuns of the Revolution GMS, Kode IV and many more as far as away as Brazil.  

More recently Paradise2012 has appeared at The World Unity Festival, The Harmony Festival, The LovEvolution Festival VIP Party, worked with many corporate clients including Stanford University, Google and Cisco.

In 2015 Paradise2012 evolved into VoxLux, incorporated to integrate IT and Digital Media Consulting, but continues the long tradition of world-class Visual Projections.