Todd Stock's Video Production Portfolio

These clips are a partial catalog of Todd’s digital media production work and show examples of HD videography, live audio and HD video recording, live multimedia performance on multiple projection screens, editing and assistant editing work.
Aerial Videography

A quick project demonstrating Aerial Videography for Real Estate. (Skip to 0:45 to bypass the slideshow...)

Tyler McCool Mid-Season Highlights
                                2011 v7

For this project Todd created a football highlights reel for the client's son to show college recruiters.  Skills demonstrated include HD sports videography, editing, overlay effects, text generation and compression for BluRay and web distribution.

SHPONGLE + Paradise2012 Visuals

This clip documents  a visual projection installation (performance) by Todd with some well-known international Electronic Dance musicians at  San Francisco’s historic Warfield Theatre.  It showcases event videography,  audio recording  from the  mixing board, live HD graphics capture of projected artwork.  The content was then edited with effects, overlays and titles by Todd,  and compressed for web streaming.  This event was attended by 2500 people.


Other projects include working as Assistant Editor for various production houses in San Francisco for clients such as Sony, Cisco, Intel, etc.  In this capacity the editing and videography was done by others, but all other technical aspects such as capture/logging, setup, troubleshooting, compression/posting to web, and final archiving were handled by Todd.  This project included a team of HD videographers who shot in several locations worldwide.   This clip was presented to several thousand people at the Cisco Global Sales meeting.

Sony Playstation3

For this project Todd was supporting three award winning editors.  This clip was presented to thousands of attendees at the Playstation3 launch event. 

(This was not the final version of this clip and has watermarked placeholders.  It is also not shown in full resolutions since it is a proxy for a three screen installation.)

VINEYARDS DV 3minEmbed Video in Website by v2.1m

On this project Todd digitized and edited existing material for Norcal Recycling.